Cultivation in Health Vaping Business | Ban Loong and Cigoo Took a Solid Step

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On the morning of  29 April 2022, the unveiling ceremony of Yunnan Wuxi Health Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wuxi Health") was held in Yunnan High-tech Park.

Yunnan Wuxi Health Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Health is a joint venture established by Wanma Technology and Cigoo Technology, with purposes of integrating the resources of both parties, jointly developing new products, and jointly exploiting the health vaping market.

Wanma Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ban Loong Holdings Group Limited. Based in Hong Kong, Ban Loong Holdings connects with high-quality industrial resources in mainland China, as well as the vast overseas markets. It acts as a new comprehensive platform for the international business development of Yunnan Baiyao Group. Cigoo Technology is an innovative enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of heat-not-burn products and other new-generation tobacco products.

The joint venture, Wuxi Health, will focus on the R&D, production and international marketing of the functional herbal vaping products. By fully integrating Yunnan Baiyao's strength in medicinal plant research, Cigoo Technology's professional capabilities in the vaping industry and Ban Loong Holdings' international network, Wuxi Health could rapidly develop the overseas market. The joint venture could provide a series of safe and effective healthy vaping products to the target consumers, create new categories of health vaping products, and lay the foundation for the development of industrial hemp and health vaping business in terms of resources, technology, products and access to the market. Wuxi Health is expected to become a leader in the herbal health vaping industry and an important player in the overseas markets.


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