Introduction to Ban Loong Holdings Limited

Ban Loong Holdings Limited (Ban Loong Holdings), formerly known as ABC Communications (Holdings) Limited, was founded in 1971 by Mr. George Ho Cho-chi, a renowned Hong Kong entrepreneur, founder of Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and winner of the Gold Bauhinia Star and Justice of the Peace (JP). In its early years, Ban Loong Holdings specialized in mining, mobile telecommunications services, financial lending, and bulk commodities trading. In 2022, Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. became the controlling shareholder of Ban Loong Holdings through a tender offer. Since then, Ban Loong Holdings started its process of transformation development.

Ban Loong Holdings is based in Hong Kong and links high-quality industrial resources in Mainland China and vast overseas markets. It is a new-type of comprehensive platform for international business development that serves both international and domestic clients. Centering on the healthcare industry, its business covers international trade, healthcare products, e-commerce and financial investment among other things.

Industrial hemp is a highlight and also a focus of its industrial development. In response to the development trends of green, health, technology, and fashion and those of the international market, Ban Loong Holdings makes careful layout and continues to explore the field of industrial hemp. Relying on the controlling shareholder's strong research and development ability and the industrialization strength of natural medicinal plant resources, it continuously optimizes its products with the modern craftsman spirit and actively plans drug research and development. Ban Loong Holdings has launched a wide range of safe and effective food, cosmetics, vaping health products, and functional products based on industrial hemp development.

Headquartered in China Resources Building, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Ban Loong Holdings operates entities in multiple places across the world and carries out global operations. For the industrial hemp business, Ban Loong Holdings established a wholly-owned subsidiary Wanma Technology Yunnan Co., Ltd. in Yunnan province, which is responsible for the research and coordination of industrial resources in Mainland China and ensuring the product supply chain; Shenzhen Qingxiangji Herbal Technology Limited was set up in Shenzhen, which is in charge of the R&D and operation of the CBD (cannabinoid) cosmetic brand "Qingxiangji"; it set up a subsidiary BL Organic Co., Ltd. in Japan to support the development, production and sales of high-quality skincare products in East Asian market; it funded AGI company in Switzerland, which conducts R&D and production of a series of cosmetics containing CBD. This series of products has passed the test of local testing institutions in Switzerland and will be put on sale soon.

As Ban Loong Holdings has No. 4 and No. 9 financial licenses, it can independently or cooperatively carry out the business of resource integration, mergers and acquisitions on a global scale. Giving full play to its advantageous location in the international financial center of Hong Kong, the company bridges the communication and cooperation between capital from Mainland China and overseas, providing a full range of professional services for the development of the industry.

Closely following national development strategies, Ban Loong Holdings seizes the development opportunities of the health industry in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area by actively conducting investment in the medical and health industry as well as development of international and domestic markets. It fulfills social responsibilities by realizing business transformation in the health trend and promoting industrial upgrading while serving the development of the industry, so as to create new values for its shareholders, employees, business partners and communities.


Main business and products:

1. Industrial Hemp

The business covers provenance breeding, scientific research and planting, processing and extraction, consumer product development and marketing. The main products will be launched on schedule.

· Cannabinoid raw materials: high-purity CBD crystal, full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, cannabis terpenes, rare cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDV;

· Healthcare products: topical CBD analgesic spray, CBD anti-inflammation analgesic patch, CJV liver protective and lung nourishing soft gelatin capsule, CBD + Yunnan olive throat lozenges;

· Cosmetics: CBD amino acid-based moisturizing and anti-pruritic shampoo, CBD amino acid-based moisturizing and anti-pruritic shower gel, CBD anti-acne repairing gel, CBD anti-acne essence, CBD repairing lip balm, CBD bath bomb, essence, makeup remover, toner, CBD beauty essence, CBD facial mask, pure CBD oil.

2. Vaping health products

To meet the health needs of smokers, we employed the modern technology of heat-not-burn (HNB) organically in combination with the core effective constituents of medicinal plants, and have been supplying many functional nicotine-free vaping health products to overseas market starting from Japan.

Main products: throat-protective vaping cartridge, mind-refreshing vaping cartridge, nerve-calming vaping cartridge, eaglewood taste vaping cartridge.

3. Health food

With fine wild edible mushrooms, Coffea Arabica, Fructus cannabis, and white kidney beans from Yunnan as raw materials, we develop and produce high-quality, safe, wholesome, and easy-to-eat functional foods that are treated by modern food and beverage processing technology and in accord with modern people's consumption habits.

Main products: industrial hemp protein powder, Coffea Arabica for cold brew coffee, tremella aurantialba porridge, Matsutake sauce, truffle sause, white kidney bean nutrient for assisting in weight management.


4. Cosmetics

Ban Loong’s subsidiaries in Switzerland and Japan have developed quality skincare products with CBD for European market and East Asian market, with carefully selected ingredients and laboratory verified formula.

Agi is a Swiss high-end CBD skin care brand owned by Ban Loong. It has 3 products ready for launch this year: Serum(Le Serum, Tonic Lotion(La Lotion Tonique), Cleansing Milk(Le Lait Demaquillant). All Agi products are developed and produced in Switzerland. Besides CBD, local Swiss raw materials such as Swiss Stone Pine and Epilobium Fleischeri (Willowherb) extract are used in the product according to the well screened formula.

The formulation of eüo is developed by a local Japanese pharmaceutical organization and the products are produced locally in Japan. The product combines CBD and human stem cell technology, which can penetrate into the stratum corneum, moisturize skin, and reduce fine lines caused by dryness.


In the post-pandemic era, Ban Loong Holdings will focus on health industry and commits itself to investing in and working for the health industry as always, providing customers with health solutions through offering professional technology and services and safe and effective products. In the cooperation with excellent business partners at home and abroad, Ban Loong Holdings will join hands with our partners to make progress shoulder to shoulder. We always present respect to our partners and strive together for mutual benefits, in order to take the lead in establishing a healthier lifestyle for people and a sustainable development model for business.



Contact Us:

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